Dog Training

Basic Obedience 1 – $160

In this training class your dog will learn basic commands:  Sit, Down, Stay, Come, and Wait. You will learn basic canine body-language and learn how to communicate with your dog. This class is ideal for puppies, young dogs, and new dog owners.

Advanced Obedience 2 – $180

In this training class your dog will learn advanced commands: Leave It, Go to Bed, Heel, With Me, and Release. You and your dog will be building and advancing upon the basic commands. You will learn advanced canine body-language and learn the dynamics of how dogs think. This class is ideal for dogs that have successfully completed Basic Obedience 1.

The Grateful Dog 3 – $200

This class is for you and your dog to have a more comfortable experience walking on-leash. Your dog will learn to control its desires to lunge, bark and “react” while walking. You will learn how your body language affects your dog and how to stay calm to continue training in situations. This class is ideal for leash-reactive dogs and owners who want to be able to enjoy walking their dog again.

One-on-One Private Training – $75/hr.

All training classes are done on-site and are 6 weeks in length (six 60-minute classes). Please call for additional details.

All Prices Subject To Change.