I love this place. When you first sign up they do an in-depth temperament test which made me confident that our dog wasn't going to be playing with a bunch of other mean dogs. Brenden is excellent at what he does! He is super attentive and helpful. The whole staff clearly care about dogs and do a great job. - Sky K.


We've been taking our dog Whiskey to The Grateful Dog for about 5 years now and they have always taken such great care of him. The staff is always friendly and responsive anytime we have a question. Whiskey always gets excited when we get close to the red door and we always get a warm welcome when we come in. When I pick him up I receive an update on how his stay was. I'm very happy to recommend The Grateful Dog for anyone looking for boarding for their dog! - Jason S.


I boarded my dog at The Grateful Dog over the holidays and was so impressed with their services. I don't like leaving my dog and tend to be a nervous dog owner, so the staff sent me pictures and videos which made me feel so much better - my dog was happy, playing and well cared for. The staff was welcoming and friendly and took the time to make me comfortable! I will definitely be boarding my dog here from now on! - Allison F.


The Grateful Dog staff is super friendly and my dog loves the people and the place. They are knowledgeable and take great care of her. She loves playing with the other dogs and looks forward to her walks and the park. - Elissa B.


The staff was so friendly and attentive to my dog. It was his first time here and they made sure he was comfortable around all the other dogs. They even  sent me photos during the day from the walk they took him on to the park. Will definitely bring him back every time I visit SF. Amazing place and amazing people :) - Omar C.


The Grateful Dog has taken amazing care of my pup, Lucinda! The staff is very kind, flexible and genuinely cares about her. They are super warm and patient with her as she can take a bit of time to warm up to new people. I would highly recommend the Grateful Dog if you are looking for a great day care option! - Ashley G.


I love this place. My 2 year old beagle, Stitch, has been coming here as a puppy and everyone has taken great care of him. Stitch comes during the work week and he loves socializing with the pups and people. The staff is friendly, accommodating and very flexible, and Stitch LOVES it here! What's also great is the convenience. My boyfriend and I live directly across the street which makes it so easy to do pick ups and drop offs. They are the only facility (to my knowledge) that has overnight care in the Marina which is a major PLUS! Anytime we are out of town we always board our little dude here and know he's in great hands. Thanks, GD Team! - Zara H.


We started taking our dog Murphy to the Grateful Dog a little over 2.5 months ago and we could not be happier. Murph is a six-year old Rott/German Shep mix and I was really nervous about taking him to daycare since his separation anxiety seems to be getting worse the older he gets. We had a dog walker we loved for years but we were having trouble with her getting Murphy in and out of our house as he would freak out every time she tried. It was a stressful situation for all. 

We decided to try daycare to see if it would help and chose the Grateful Dog for it's proximity to our house and a referral from a friend. The first time we went in, Ernie was so nice and calm with Murphy. After spending a few minutes together he seemed optimistic that Murphy would fit in which was such an exciting relief. 

We started with a few half days to get him accustomed to the environment then moved to full days. The first few times we went Murph was reluctant but now he basically rips our arms off to get inside. He seems to love the staff and comes home tired and happy every time without fail. 

We even have been boarding him (which we previously only did with friends and family). It's so great to know he is in such good hands and being well taken care of. 

Not to mention, the flexibility the staff of the Grateful Dog offers is unparalleled to any other place. They are so accommodating when we are running late from work or life happens. We had him boarded this weekend and planned to pick him up on Sunday night around 7:30pm. When we landed we got stuck on our plane for over an hour and getting through customs was a hassle. I called and asked if they could keep him for the night and next day and it was no problem! 

We are SO lucky to have found the Grateful Dog and we will continue to take Murph there for as long as we live in the area. I would highly recommend it to anyone. - Emily K.


This is hands down one of the best daycare that we've used for our dog! 

My brother got a puppy, Bolt, last June. He just turned one and he is the most HIGH energy dog I've ever met. We got him when he was a puppy and he is the cutest but can be destructive and has separation anxiety. My brother and Bolt are best buds however, my brother recently joined the Marine Corp and was shipped off to bootcamp in the beginning of June.

As a way to keep Bolt entertained my brother decided to enroll Bolt at The Grateful Dog. I've been taking Bolt to The Grateful Dog during the week so that he gets his energy out and has lots of playtime with the other dogs. Bolt loves it there! He is always excited to go daycare (He literally pulls me the entire 3 blocks while I'm walking to drop him off) and he comes home exhausted everyday. 

They drop him off home everyday and have been extremely accommodating of my schedule and Bolt's needs. I can tell that the handlers there genuinely care about Bolt. I know this because Bolt has a tendency to rub himself against walls, I suspect its his way of rubbing his scent everywhere. The other day when I was dropping him off, the handler told me that Bolt has been rubbing himself against the walls and she was worried that he might have a skin condition. I told her that he was his way of rubbing his scent on place and thanked her for noticing. 

The Grateful Dog has been soo great for Bolt! I know he misses my brother dearly but knowing that he gets to go to daycare during the week to keep him from missing my brother makes me feel at ease. - Pearl T.


The Grateful Dog is the best doggie day care, without question.  We love that they have both indoor and outdoor space, everyone there is super friendly, and most importantly, they truly love and take individual interest in EACH of the dogs.  We looked into a place in Marin, as my wife works there, and they actually charge you extra to play with your dog - not our kind of place.  We also boarded our Bearded Collie, Clyde, with them while my wife had our first daughter a week ago, and they were angels.  We could not be happier, and Clyde absolutely loves the Grateful Dog. - Roger A.


Before I started looking for a new dog, I researched all the daycare and boarding options in San Francisco. The times I traveled out of town or if I couldn't take my dog to work, I needed to know my dog was having fun, would be fed at the right times and close to home. I've found the people at Grateful Dog to be caring and responsible. They were more flexible to accommodate my schedule than others I researched and I appreciated the positive reviews from other dog owners. 

That was 4 years ago and my dog has grown up with the people at Grateful Dog. It's been a good partnership that I'm happy to recommend to anyone with a dog in SF. - John W.


There's no other place in San Francisco that I'd take my dog and I've tried most. What really impressed me about Grateful Dog was that their staff truly cares about my wishes (and I can be quite demanding). My dog is not easy, but their staff goes out of their way to make sure that she is given all of the attention that she needs and deserves, and they communicate with me throughout the day through email and Instagram and photos. With a busy work schedule this piece of mind is everything to me. We love the weekly report cards, keep up the good work! - Christopher H.


We are neighbors to The Grateful Dog, and it has been just the greatest pleasure to have them near us. They are kind, sensitive and caring, and they have helped us on numerous occasions even though they really didn't have to. Whether it is keeping keys or packages, they have gone out of their way to be great neighbors. They are also so caring with the dogs - I see folks coming in and out all the time, where the dogs are excitedly trying to enter the space, and as soon as their humans barely open the door, they rush in. They are also tail-waggingly happy on their way out. Humans + dogs seem pleased all around! And as neighbors, we really could not have asked for more. We are blessed to have them live next to us, they make our time here on Lombard Street so much better! Thank you so so much, Ernie + Grateful Dog Team!! - Gaargi R.


I came across the Grateful Dog from the positive reviews and tried them out almost 2 years ago.  I judge a place based on my dog's reaction and since that first day, Gretzky basically drags me back to the door any chance he gets; even when we're just walking by.  Not only is my dog pooped when we get home, but he's happy when I pick him up. The staff sent me photos when I left on a long vacation which was so nice of them!  I also did puppy training classes here and had a great experience.  I'm moving across the country and already wishing there was a Grateful Dog on the east coast. - Jake H.


Love this place!!!
I've been bringing my dog here for about4 to 5 months now, and definitely recommend to anyone looking for a doggy day care. All the staff here is super friendly and really nice to my over hyper dog. My dog gets super excited when I drop him off every time and you can tell the staff loves him. - Z.A.


Sharon and her staff at the Grateful Dog rate 10 stars from us.  When we moved to SF several years ago, we struggled to find a decent daycare for Ben, our rescue Tibetan Terrier.  He was anxious meeting new dogs despite a special training class and didn't want me to leave him anywhere.  However, he immediately liked coming to the Grateful Dog.  Although we recently left SF, we still bring him there when we can.  He gets so excited as we enter Lombard from the bridge and announces his arrival with happy barks.  We are very happy Sharon and her staff have helped Ben and provided training advice even before they had classes.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your care. - Arna P.


Our big rhodesian ridgeback LOVES this place! She drags us there every time. They take great care of her and is excited whenever she goes there. I really like how they mix big and small dogs bc our pup has learned how to play with smaller dogs. 

Highly recommend! - Amit P.


One of the hardest parts about relocating to a new city is finding a trusted place to take care of our dog, Sammy.  Sammy is a rescue and immediately thinks that all dogs are his friends but he does not easily trust people.  Sharon and her staff have earned Sammy's trust and affection with their patient and nurturing ways. Sammy eagerly goes to "camp" at The Grateful Dog and we feel confident that Sharon and her staff are taking care of Sammy so that we can enjoy our time away without worries.  Definitely a five star experience! - Marty & Ginny D.


How I love The Grateful Dog. Let me count the ways!!!

Firstly it takes a special person who can put up with my Cookie. While at home she is quiet and independent, when she's not with me she gets needy and yappy(oh so yappy). Groomers have turned her away because they can't deal. Not Sharon and her staff. They accept Cookie for the crazy needy ball of fur she is and even try to teach me ways to control it.

The hours are also really great for a working person and if I get stuck in a meeting or need extra care Sharon is great about helping out as long as I let her know in advance. - Angel J.


I really liked this facility and the way the staff were so helpful. I started looking for a daycare last minute and couldn't find much near our hotel or for a reasonable price. Their application is thorough, and I really appreciated knowing that they were going to continue enforcing the training I had been working on with my baby. The inside is quite dark but it seems like there is a decent sized space to play in, and they walked him twice per day. My sweet boy wad quite panicky when we left as he is very attached to me, however they were fantastic and I got an email from them about an hour after to say he was initially a little shy but that he settled in very well. Bonus was that he was EXHAUSTED when we picked him up which is always good when you're on a road trip. Really please with my experience here and if I'm ever back in San Francisco I will board my puppy here. - Danielle B.


I have been taking Bailey to Grateful Dog for nearly 2 years.  He absolutely loves this place - the staff are incredibly caring, dedicated, loving and he always runs through the door to start his day!  I routinely use the daily daycare service and have also had him in for overnight boarding when travelling for work, or longer trips abroad.  They are the only place that I would feel comfortable leaving Bailey at for weeks at a time, as I know that he is cared for 24/7.  There is always a staff member at the facility during any overnight sessions, and they have also been able to accommodate last minute requests - once, my international flight back to SFO was severely delayed and they graciously cared for Bailey overnight.  Amazing!

Bailey is a small dog but I love the fact that unlike other daycare places, the policy here is to freely mix dogs of all sizes.  Plus the temperament of each dog is assessed before you are allowed to join, which is an excellent way to ensure the pack is stable.

In short, Bailey loves this place and so do I.  Please try their services even if it's just for a day to see what you think - you won't regret it! - E. P.


We have been taking our dog Barkley to The Grateful Dog for the past year and I cannot say enough about how wonderful Sharon and her staff are. When we first started looking for daycare, Barkley was just a puppy and we were not willing to drop our dog off at just any daycare. After meeting with Sharon one night and seeing her genuine love and understanding of dogs we knew The Grateful Dog was just the daycare for us.

Within his first couple days at The Grateful Dog, Barkley could not wait to go back and we often wondered if he even missed us during the day as he jolted for the bright red door. At night when we pick Barkley up, he comes home tired which any dog owner knows is the key to a happy dog.

In addition to being a great daycare Sharon and her staff are constantly reinforcing good behavior and making sure that the dogs are minding their P's and Q's even when not at home. We are constantly given updates on Barkley's behavior and advice for how to correct some of his adolescent tendencies.

Sharon and her staff have been nothing short of amazing in helping us raise Barkley into the wonderful adult dog that he is today and we are so grateful to have found them. We are actually moving to Chicago in a few weeks and are just as sad to leave such a great doggy daycare as we are this amazing city! - Christin S.


Thank you Grateful Dog for being able to take my pup for the weekend. I was in a bind and being new to the city...I didn't know where to leave my pride and joy. Then a co worker told me about them and the rest is history. 

Super friendly staff from the first phone conversation I had with them. I love, love, love that they are crate free, as well as offer an outdoor area (even if it's small). Most places in the city have none.

Bonus - they offer a discount if your pup is a rescue. Well done, Grateful Dog...well done!  

Overall...I highly recommend The Grateful Dog for anyone looking for a fantastic doggy getaway for their pup. - Dru M.


THANK YOU Grateful Dog for hosting ourAmerican Cancer Society Bark For Life Kickoff!!  It was a great place to meet and greet our Bark For Life participants and tell them more about our event which will be held on July 21 at Crissy Field.  Thank you for supporting your community and helping us FIGHT BACK against cancer.
The Bark For Life Committee - Linda F.


I have been bringing my dog Bailey to Grateful Dog since March 2011.  Having moved 3 times - once internationally, twice within the US - in the last 12 months, Bailey has seen a lot of change.  He settled in quickly and LOVES the team at Grateful Dog.  He's super excited every time he goes into day care, has made great friends (canine and human), and I completely trust the team who have his best interests at heart.  I also have him in overnight when I am travelling out of town and don't know any other place that has someone stay all night with the overnight boarders.  I encourage others to try out Grateful Dog - your four legged pal will simply love it:) - Elizabeth P.


I really enjoyed visiting this place and they seem to genuinely care for the dogs. We left our 2 dogs for their care and came back to find then happy, healthy and clean. There is no doubt I will continue using the grateful dog services in the future and I feel confident recommending it to others. - Roie S.


To put it quite frankly: our dog likes being at The Grateful Dog more than she does being at home.  

Honestly though, she loves it there.  Within seconds of walking through the door she is scrambling to get over the fence to the doggy play area.  Believe me when I say she usually disdains the mere presence of other dogs.  For some reason she decides to be social when she's at TGD.  

We've used TGD both as a day care option and an overnight option.  They've been great at both.  They are very flexible and can really help out in a pinch (e.g. I was heading out of town and dropped the dog off during the day.  My fiancé forgot he was on duty to pick her up.  He showed up half an hour after closing time and they were awesome about it.)

The dogs have a lot of space to roam around, get heaps of attention, and come back to you well exercised and with much doggy happiness about their little persons.  I wholly recommend The Grateful Dog. - Ashley L.


My dog Ted is a very grateful dog since we found this new school for her!! She suffers from terrible separation anxiety and she loves being here. The place is so clean it looks like an actual childs day care at first glance until you see all the happy pups running around and playing. Big bonus, there is outdoor space that is basically weather proof for the dogs to play in on rainy days. They are extremely accommodating as well, weekends and evenings too. The cost is very reasonable, and the peace of mind knowing my dog is taken care of and having a blast is priceless!! Thanks to Sharon and staff, we can actually have a social life with humans. - Diane W.


The Grateful Dog hosted a meeting of our Yorkie group. I have to say, it's the first one of the many facilities I've seen where I would actually feel comfortable leaving my dogs.  The staff was really tuned into the needs of the dogs, the room was spacious and comfortable, and the location was convenient. As an aside, I'll mention that one dog in our group is a super "mama's girl" and totally stresses out when left, even briefly, with someone else. I saw the manager, Sharon, holding this dog and she seemed relaxed and content. We were all amazed! I know several of our group members are planning to board their dogs at The Grateful Dog, including people who had previously said they would never leave their dogs at a board and care facility. - Robin S.


The Grateful Dog's entrance is a small door on Lombard, but walk in and you'll find a surprisingly large facility and gracious hosts. While weekend playcare is by-appointment-only, they took my precious pup, Moxie, on a recent Sunday afternoon even though I made a last-minute appointment the Saturday prior (and for that I was very grateful!). 

Mox enjoyed playing with other pups his size, snoozing on the comfy couch the center has in its main play room, and frolicking on the faux grass in The Grateful Dog's very cute backyard (my favorite part of the facility). We liked everyone we met and will definitely be back. I was also pleased to read in their brochure that a portion of the center's profits will go to animal shelters and rescues based in the Bay Area. - Janine K.