We take the “environmentally-friendly business” badge seriously, and are committed to using only biodegradable, non-toxic products. We’ll supply your dog only with filtered water and organic treats and will administer medication or cater to special needs at no additional charge.

Our services benefit not only your pet, but the animals around the city of San Francisco – we continue to donate a portion of our proceeds to help local animal shelters, foundations and rescue centers where care is needed most.

(The Grateful Dog SF is NOT affiliated with Grateful Dogs Rescue)

Don't take it from us, check out the rave reviews below!

The Grateful Dog is the best doggie day care, without question.  We love that they have both indoor and outdoor space, everyone there is super friendly, and most importantly, they truly love and take individual interest in EACH of the dogs.  We looked into a place in Marin, as my wife works there, and they actually charge you extra to play with your dog - not our kind of place.  We also boarded our Bearded Collie, Clyde, with them while my wife had our first daughter a week ago, and they were angels. We could not be happier, and Clyde absolutely loves the Grateful Dog.
— Roger

Before I started looking for a new dog, I researched all the daycare and boarding options in San Francisco. The times I traveled out of town or if I couldn’t take my dog to work, I needed to know my dog was having fun, would be fed at the right times and close to home. I’ve found the people at Grateful Dog to be caring and responsible. They were more flexible to accommodate my schedule than others I researched and I appreciated the positive reviews from other dog owners. That was 4 years ago and my dog has grown up with the people at Grateful Dog. It’s been a good partnership that I’m happy to recommend to anyone with a dog in SF.
— John W.

There’s no other place in San Francisco that I’d take my dog and I’ve tried most. What really impressed me about Grateful Dog was that their staff truly cares about my wishes (and I can be quite demanding). My dog is not easy, but their staff goes out of their way to make sure that she is given all of the attention that she needs and deserves, and they communicate with me throughout the day through email and Instagram and photos. With a busy work schedule this piece of mind is everything to me. We love the weekly report cards, keep up the good work!
— Christopher H.

I came across the Grateful Dog from the positive reviews and tried them out almost 2 years ago.  I judge a place based on my dogs reaction and since that first day, Gretzky basically drags me back to the door any chance he gets; even when we’re just walking by.  Not only is my dog pooped when we get home, but he’s happy when I pick him up. The staff sent me photos when I left on a long vacation which was so nice of them!  I also did puppy training classes here and had a great experience.  I’m moving across the country and already wishing there was a Grateful Dog on the east coast.
— Jake H.

We are neighbors to The Grateful Dog, and it has been just the greatest pleasure to have them near us. They are kind, sensitive and caring, and they have helped us on numerous occasions even though they really didn’t have to. Whether it is keeping keys or packages, they have gone out of their way to be great neighbors. They are also so caring with the dogs - I see folks coming in and out all the time, where the dogs are excitedly trying to enter the space, and as soon as their humans barely open the door, they rush in. They are also tail-waggingly happy on their way out. Humans + dogs seem pleased all around! And as neighbors, we really could not have asked for more. We are blessed to have them live next to us, they make our time here on Lombard Street so much better! Thank you so so much, Ernie + Grateful Dog Team!!
— Gaargi R.

Love this place!!! I’ve been bringing my dog here for about 4 to 5 months now, and definitely recommend to anyone looking for a doggy day care. All the staff here is super friendly and really nice to my over hyper dog. My dog gets super excited when I drop him off every time and you can tell the staff loves him.
— Z.A.